What to Expect

Many questions arise when you visit a church for the first time. Where should I sit? Are there classes for my kids? What can I expect the worship service to be like? What should I wear? If you have any of these questions then this page is for you. This page is designed to answer those questions and to put your mind at ease. This is a friendly church that loves God and loves visitors. Our desire is to grow closer to God and to honor Him in our worship time together and in our daily lives. We want your experience here to help you do the same. Here are a few answers to common questions about what to expect on your first visit.


Will the roof cave in?

Probably not. As a matter of fact,some of our regular attendees thought this might happen when they first began attending, but so far our construction is sound and the roof is still standing. We aren’t concerned but we are willing to chance it if you think this is a strong possibility. So don’t let this keep you from coming around!


What should I wear?

You will find that our members and guests will arrive in a variety of styles of clothing, from traditional Sunday dress to comfortable and casual. We don’t require a specific attire, but we do believe that how we dress or don’t dress can honor God. If you choose clean, modest clothing then you will not feel out of place.


What are the services like?

Our services start with community praise and worship. We serve a great God and the goal of our worship time and service is to magnify Him. You can expect lively music and worship, with people raising their hands, clapping, and more. Generally we will start with a worship song, have some time for visitors and church members to greet each other, followed by several more songs, community prayer time, offering, and then a message from the Bible.


Do I have to participate in any way? Do I have to say anything?

We want you to participate in our services as you feel comfortable. We won’t make you stand and say anything. We will give you a information card to fill out so we can keep in touch. Our intention is to make you feel welcome and to see if there is anything that you need that we can assist you with, such as a home bible study or a prayer request.


Do I have to give in the offering?

No. We aren’t after your pocketbook. We want you to know and experience Jesus and to grow closer to Him as we are also doing.


Any other questions?

If there’s anything we missed on this list, give us a call, contact us via email, or ask someone when you arrive. We hope your first visit to our church will be great. We know it can be life-changing – not because we are special, but because God meets with us and works in our lives. We are here to serve Him and to serve others. That means you and your family. We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you will feel right at home! We hope to see you this Sunday!