Rocks in the Park

Welcome! If you have found one of our hand painted rocks, CONGRATULATIONS!

These rocks were painted by our church members and Sunday School teachers specifically for YOU! The rocks were then prayed over by our Pastor and ministry to provide protection and blessings to whoever may find them.

Now you're probably wondering, what do I do with it? Well you have a few options:

  • Bring it to us - We would love to meet you! In fact, if you bring your rock to a church service, we will even give you a prize! Our regular service times are:
    • Sundays: 10:30 AM
    • Wednesdays: 7:30 PM
  • Keep it - You are welcome to keep the rock and use it for whatever you would like!
  • Re-hide it - If you would like to pass on the fun, please re-hide the rock anywhere that is reasonably allowed.

Disclaimer: These rocks are intended to uplift and inspire those who find them. First Pentecostal Church will not be held responsible for any actions involving the rocks once they are found.