Pastor Michael D. Wood and Family

Pastor Wood

     Pastor Michael Wood was saved at age 15 from a hippie generation in Jackson, MI under pastor Victor Jordan. Being a young man searching for the supernatural of God, he got tired of praying repeat after me prayers and there was no change, when finally invited to a Pentecostal church. He had heard that people could be possessed with a devil when he had seen a true story movie called "The Exorcist". Afraid that if the devil possessed him, knowing that the devil would deceive and hurt people, he went searching to be possessed of God who would not deceive and hurt people.

     When going into a Pentecostal church for the first time he saw people shouting and jumping in excitement with praise unto God. With eyebrows raised, he said, "God, if this is the way to make it to heaven then I want to go". About that time people became real still when the pastor's wife began to speak in another language and then spoke in English saying, "I love you and I died for you." That is all it took for him to be convinced it was God. He wanted to be possessed with God and speak through him like that, but he was also caught with love.

     At age seventeen he preached his first message in church. At age twenty-five he began to preach out across the country with the help of Pastor Scotty Teets who became the next pastor after the beloved Victor Jordan passed. When Pastor Teets moved on to New York, Pastor William Riedel became the next Pastor.

Woods Young

     Penny Wood was raised in Harviell, MO near the Poplar Bluff, MO area. Mrs. Wood began singing at the age of five years old. She traveled with her family (the Singing Wilkerson Family), which consists of her parents, two brothers, and two sisters. They have sang at many homecoming singings, conferences, campmeetings, revivals, etc.

     Penny attended West Point United Pentecostal Church in Doniphan, MO. She was very involved at West Point, singing in the choir and playing the piano. Currently, along with being Pastor's Wife, Mrs Penny Wood also serves as our music director and choir leader.

Wood Family

     In 1994 Michael and Penny Wood were married. In August 1994 they became the Pastor and Pastor's Wife of the First Pentecostal Church in Bay City, MI. In 2003 God bless the Woods with a beautiful baby girl named Mikella. God has truly blessed their ministry here at the First Pentecostal Church as they now celebrate 25 years of pastorship.